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5 Advantages of Adopting Messenger Chatbots for your Business

Do you want your business to scale up rapidly? Do you want to save a lot of money? Then, it is time for you to adopt the messenger chatbots for your business. Messenger chatbots are basically what is trending at the moment. Although we started to experience messenger chatbots recently, their technology began in the 1950s and guess what, they are bringing a new wave to businesses especially when it comes to an efficient and effective communication with clients for marketing and customer service.

What exactly is marketing?

In just few words, marketing is getting your audience to focus where you want them to. With the messenger chatbots you can capture the attention of your audience and prospective customers right. The good thing about the messenger chatbots is that beyond connecting people to your offers they make it extremely easy to nurture leads and convert them into customers. As compared to other marketing measures, it presents you with an opportunity of growing and engaging your audience with ease and makes your offers more effective.

If you are wondering what advantages a messenger chatbot can bring to your business, please keep reading.


Essentially, a Messenger chatbot is a chat application which can make decisions based on the rules. Chatbots can automatically respond when spoken to, gather data, and send users the appropriate messages based on the user’s behavior. Messenger chatbots can use visual content like videos and images to keep your customers interested. These bots nurture relationships with clients and provide immediate value without any work on the user’s part. An employee stays productive 5 to 6 hours a day but a messenger chatbots remains active and alert for 24 hours. It means, you have a higher engagement with customers which invariably boost your sales.

Content Marketing

Messenger chatbots leverage the power of dynamic content over static content. The Messenger chatbots are self-motivated and dynamic, and can personalize the content so customer gets exactly what they want. Additionally, chatbots can know what content the user has consumed and naturally takes them to the next step. By serving customers promptly with a messenger bot, you can delight customers. Even if you couldn’t resolve their issues, they will feel good about the prompt approach you adopted, and that will help you get the favour of the indirect word-of-mouth marketing.

Great data analyst

Messenger chatbots are built with a purpose to understand human behaviour and provide data analysis about the customer. It can get customer insights like user location, type of device, browser which helps in personalizing. Which means the brand can avoid collecting data analysis from scattered sources; it is simple to extract the data made available by the messenger chatbots. Messenger chatbots are an easy, fast and natural way to gather user data and insights. Every time a customer takes an action while interacting with a chatbot you are learning about the customers preferences. With the Messenger Chatbots all conversations are an exchange of information.

Payments made easy

Messenger chatbots make payments easier. The chatbots are designed to receive payments. Just ensure to build the kind of chatbot that enables users make payment in a simpler way. Payments can be processed centrally by the platform operator using payment data. With a messenger bot, your customers do not have to wait unnecessarily for payments to be carried out.

Micro Targeting

With a Messenger Chatbot, it is easy to send the right person the right message at the right time, no matter how little the data you have been able to gather on such users. In sending the messages, focus on using conditional statements so you can achieve your goals and objectives. For example, you can send a message to everyone who is a female or a male and also to everyone who has a birthday on a particular day.

4 things to remember:

Messenger chatbots are FAST, SMART, promotes your BRAND and bring more MONEY in.

Do not hesitate to begin using the Messenger chatbots for your business. For a fact, the Messenger marketing is still in its infancy and there is a whole lot to be done in terms of experimentation and growth, and by the way your customers are already on Messenger and will soon be expecting to be able to send messages to your business. There is no better time than NOW to give your potential subscribers an experience that is more real and personal.

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