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Why Does Your Business Require Video Marketing?

It’s a great and important topic to be discussed. When we all could spend watching movies over the weekend and remember it at least for a day, share your experience with colleagues and friends, why not use the same ideology for your business? Is it a reason to drop because you don’t know how to create one, be it expensive or what points to consider for creating a business video? Continue reading “Why Does Your Business Require Video Marketing?”

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What is landing page and its importance in growing business?

There have been lot of confusions around thinking website to be considered as landing page. It’s great to run Facebook or Google campaign and attract initial visitors for new launched website. Although there is an exciting factor to stay up all the night to see real time visitors going up and down meanwhile it’s very important to convert those visitors into customers. Converting visitors to customers are possible only by using attractive landing pages and not the actual website.

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Where can graphics talk the most?

    1. Brand Recognition – Its known to everyone a brand was never built without a graphic and we tend to remember a brand just because of its appealing graphic and then follows what the company is into, service etc. There have been several companies who modify their logo when time passes by example: Google, either a minute change or otherwise. It’s because of the importance and never can be ignored.
    2. Striking Offer – Start-up world is known for burning cash for customer acquisition, market penetration etc. Whatever advertisement mode has been chosen, company end up spending good money on graphics just to strike the customers mind at first instance. Images to be seen first and content to be read later. It is also important to design a graphic which is different from your competitors. There are several start-up’s who work in the segment with same business model of their competitors yet they choose different graphics.

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