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Top 3 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy 2019 (Chatbot Demo)

Top 3 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy 2019

Facebook Messenger Marketing could change your business upside down in a few months if followed right.

If you are a business person and looking forward to generating leads at a low cost when compared to any other platforms. Then your go-to option would be Facebook Messenger Marketing. Facebook Messenger platform is at its infant stage and marketers are yet to explore. We have seen a tremendous opportunity here when compared to all other platforms and we continuously encourage all our clients.

If you are new to Facebook Messenger Marketing and wanted to know more on how Messenger Chatbots can help your business then you must read through Future of Messenger Marketing Continue reading “Top 3 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy 2019 (Chatbot Demo)”

Facebook Messenger Chatbot – Changing the Future of Messenger Marketing

What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

A Facebook Messenger bot is a chatbot that works on Facebook Messenger platform and its programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks. Facebook Messenger is the new trend in the social media marketing world since they allow business owners to reach out to consumers on a large scale through advertisements and continue an interaction on an individual and personal level.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot allow businesses to make communication with their customers or potential customers forward without any human participation and as your number of conversations rises you invariably grow your contacts and leads. As people research, they want the information they need as quickly as possible and are increasingly turning to voice search as the technology advances. You won’t always have to answer questions from your clients and customers instantly but with the chatbot, you can be certain that the probability of losing your customers is very minimal. Continue reading “Facebook Messenger Chatbot – Changing the Future of Messenger Marketing”

5 Advantages of Adopting Messenger Chatbots for your Business


Do you want your business to scale up rapidly? Do you want to save a lot of money? Then, it is time for you to adopt the messenger chatbots for your business. Messenger chatbots are basically what is trending at the moment. Although we started to experience messenger chatbots recently, their technology began in the 1950s and guess what, they are bringing a new wave to businesses especially when it comes to an efficient and effective communication with clients for marketing and customer service.

What exactly is marketing?

In just few words, marketing is getting your audience to focus where you want them to. With the messenger chatbots you can capture the attention of your audience and prospective customers right. The good thing about the messenger chatbots is that beyond connecting people to your offers they make it extremely easy to nurture leads and convert them into customers. As compared to other marketing measures, it presents you with an opportunity of growing and engaging your audience with ease and makes your offers more effective. Continue reading “5 Advantages of Adopting Messenger Chatbots for your Business”

How did we generate 208 Leads at $ 0.03 each without a Website?


We happened to serve a client from Vietnam who was into offline training. They didn’t have any online existence including Facebook. Client neither had an idea on how to go online and reach potential customers. Well, we began to understand clients business from the scratch including customer’s behavior as the business was done offline. It was very challenging as customers preferred ads in their local language; Facebook is not perfect with translation yet. Continue reading “How did we generate 208 Leads at $ 0.03 each without a Website?”

How Client Made 2x By Adopting Messenger Chatbots

Conversation With The Client For Adopting Chatbots To Increase Business (1)

It is worth sharing an experience with a client who won the race by using Messenger Chatbot. The business world is made with constant changes and its known to everyone who adopts change will win! And the prize goes to the people who adopt at an early stage.

We have been working with a hospital client for the past several months creating videos on public awareness, symptoms, precaution etc. Continue reading “How Client Made 2x By Adopting Messenger Chatbots”