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Conversation With The Client For Adopting Chatbots To Increase Business (1)

How Client Made 2x By Adopting Messenger Chatbots

It is worth sharing an experience with a client who won the race by using Messenger Chatbot. The business world is made with constant changes and its known to everyone who adopts change will win! And the prize goes to the people who adopt at an early stage.

We have been working with a hospital client for the past several months creating videos on public awareness, symptoms, precaution etc. Getting them viral on social media and get some SEO done. Now, Hospital has a good reach in the city and very popular in the location. Business has improved since then. But, we were optimistic about getting more business by leveraging Messenger Chatbot without increasing marketing budget and wanted to be the first to use in and around. But the client settled down in comfort zone with the current pattern. We had to work on number games to convince them. We built Messenger Chatbot but nothing great until we prove the client. Used some organic growth tools to get subscribers to push the content.

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Messenger Chatbot Performance

Here we took 100 as a base count of total users (organic)

Videos views – 30%
Blog – 20%, 10% does not read the complete article – However, the blog is very helpful for SEO purpose & provide future traffic
Email – 20% open rate and 0 – 5% interaction rate
Messenger Chatbot – 90% open rate – 75 – 80% interaction rate (Content were short and precise which could be read on mobile)

They were interns working in the hospital and management wanted to use them for conducting a seminar for public awareness of latest virus putting people’s life at risk.

Here we took the opportunity of proving Messenger Chatbot Vs Email & FB (Organic).

Seminar strength was restricted to 100 people.

Facebook page had nearly 14000+ likes
Email DB was around 1200
Messenger Chatbot subscribers were around 500+

We pushed the messages on all 3 platforms at the same time inviting 100 people for a free seminar.

Within the time frame of 5 – 10 Mins, 60 people had opted in through Messenger Chatbot
Email and FB had single digit optin

Messenger Chatbot alone cannot reach heights neither any other platform that matters, it’s all about finding a workaround to use available tools to get the best results.


In this case study, we understand how the client reacted to adopt new technology and the actual outcome just by taking one step out of the comfort zone.

This is one small case study on how Messenger Chatbot helped the client make 2X. We will shall share more contents towards the Messenger Chatbot and how it is revolutionizing the Messenger Marketing. If you have any questions please comment below and we shall review and answer them ASAP.


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