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Messenger Chatbots

ChatBot is a computerized program which is uniquely designed to make conversation with human users, via the Internet. It is basically an assistant which can communicate with humans via text messages. It helps to generate more leads, order or at least makes it easy to share information. You can name it as a virtual companion who integrates into small and large web applications. It supports businesses in getting closer to their customers. This type of bot acts as an automated system to chat with online users.

Messenger Chatbots have spun the wheels of Digital Marketing and how businesses communicate with customers. There has never been such performance by any technology to produce 90% + open rates with such ease. Messenger Chatbots are at its early adoption and taking over Email abundantly. However, Email will last long for its professional acceptance.

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Restaurant Chatbot

Here is the bot which lets user to order food all within Facebook Messenger. There could be several other combinations developed in the Bot like home delivery, take away, dining in etc. Same bot be used for juice or coffee shop and so on.

Features to watch out:

  • Recipe Subscription
  • Dashboard
  • Available Coupons (Code: “TEST” order value above $150)
  • Used Coupons
  • Reward Points
  • Placing an order for multiple products

#restaurant #food #order_online #take_away #dining #juce_shop

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Real Estate Chatbot

A Bot which collects all the information of home buyer/ seller on behalf of real estate agent. Life gets easier for agent to filter down the information and find genuine leads.

Features to watch out:

  • List both buy and sell
  • Lead generation
  • Quick contact
  • API integration if required
  • Filtered sequence based on audience

#real_estate #buyer #seller #listing

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Quiz Bot for Engagement

Business is mostly done over the text and success comes when it is interactive and personalised to each audience. Quiz Bot is loved by several businesses for its engagement and specific topic based on their audience.

Features to watch out:

  • Instant score
  • Negative marking and bonus questions
  • Challenge friends
  • Share on social media
  • Collect data based on their score to upsell products/ programs

#quiz_bot #instant_score

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Personalized Coupons

Marketing is all about being personalized to your audience. What happens when you wish your customers on their Birthday and offer them a gift? Let’s do this here!

Features to watch out:

  • Personalized coupons
  • Dynamic Content
  • Added advantage for FB ads targeting Birthdays
  • B2C business who wants to surprise
  • Coupons can be trackable

#personalized_bot #dynamic_content

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