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Top 3 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy 2019

Top 3 Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy 2019 (Chatbot Demo)

Facebook Messenger Marketing could change your business upside down in a few months if followed right.

If you are a business person and looking forward to generating leads at a low cost when compared to any other platforms. Then your go-to option would be Facebook Messenger Marketing. Facebook Messenger platform is at its infant stage and marketers are yet to explore. We have seen a tremendous opportunity here when compared to all other platforms and we continuously encourage all our clients.

If you are new to Facebook Messenger Marketing and wanted to know more on how Messenger Chatbots can help your business then you must read through Future of Messenger Marketing

Lead Generation with Facebook Messenger Marketing

If you are reading this article then I am sure you would know what is lead generation and the importance. Facebook Messenger Marketing is one of the best platforms to generate leads at an invariably less cost.

 Example of E-commerce Messenger Bot

Ecommerce Chatbot - HapiMorning

We all know Facebook has about 1.5 Billion people on its platform. And marketers are deep diving to generate leads in the best possible way using Lead forms, Traffic to a landing page etc. However,  Facebook Messenger Chatbot is a new tool which can ask a series of questions and filter the genuine leads. Remember, this is the very first time any user sees something of this sort and they are encouraged to respond.

Facebook does not like when a user goes out of the platform for any reason. Hence, doing a paid advertisement using Messenger Chatbot is a good decision.

By allowing a user to interact on the same platform and generate genuine leads is a smart move.

Open rate with Facebook Messenger Marketing

Every business sets a separate budget for marketing be it a small or medium-size business. The purpose behind setting a separate budget is to create brand awareness and stay ahead of the competition.

However, most of the money spent on marketing goes unnoticed. Let’s talk about Email Marketing. The open rate here is less than 20% and click-through rate is about 5% or less. Then what really happened to other 80% of open rate and 95% of click-through rate?

Here comes Facebook Messenger Marketing to provide value to time, money & efforts put in towards marketing. Messenger Marketing provides about 95% open rates and 40%+ click-through rates. We’ve achieved a 97% open rate and 62% click through rate with an e-commerce client.

Open and click-through rates are completely dependent on the content you provide. The more excitement you create with your audience creates more room for the engagement. The more personalized message the high click-through rate. Check out our personalized messenger chatbot which gains more attention of the user.

facebook marketing chatbot

Nurturing Customer with Facebook Messenger Marketing

There is never a business who sold straight to the customer without nurturing or creating a brand presence on customers mind.

Facebook Messenger Marketing does a fabulous job in nurturing customers if planned right. We all know how much it costs us to get a customer into the funnel.

You could have created a drip email sequence for your business. It’s exactly the same with Facebook Messenger Marketing but here the nurturing goes to a next level due to high open rates. If the funnel built right then there is a very high opportunity to mark a good brand presence.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is just not about sending or conveying a message and pointing a call to action button. Facebook Messenger Chatbot has the potential of engaging the audience and derive relevant data.

We’ve made a simple Quiz Messenger Chatbot which can ask a question, reply with a correct answer and share the score instantly. This lets the business owner understand more about the user and get the data in real-time. Funnel messages can be optimized in the future.


There is no doubt in saying Facebook Messenger Marketing is the next big thing in the marketing world. But we wouldn’t ask you to stop using other marketing tools simultaneously. It’s an unfair decision to put all your eggs in one basket. Facebook Messenger Marketing is at its infant stage and adopting it sooner will fetch you a good result. We’ve been providing great results to our clients and a couple of clients have replaced their primary marketing strategy with Facebook Messenger Marketing.

If you are starting off with Facebook Messenger Marketing for your business and see a very good open and click through rate then make sure not be overwhelmed with the response and dumping offers and followup messages.

Facebook rules should be followed everywhere when dealing with Facebook Messenger Marketing. Your business page will be safe when followed strict guidelines from Facebook.

Take your first step in experiencing the real marketing with Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Good Luck👍

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